We have a variety of cutting edge facilities to meet your wellness needs


Delphic Suite

As the Greek medical practitioners of the 5th century, we are here to deliver the message of complete wellness. With the use of 22nd century technology combined with elixers, teas & tonics, and Ayurvedic practices a visit to this suite starts your journey of discovering wholeness.

Infrared Sauna Suite

Most people have experienced traditional saunas in classical settings of sports clubs/day spas, however we have done some reconnaissance for our members. Infrared heat absorbs through your skin and raises your core temperature to facilitate detoxing, weight and inches loss during treatment.


Massage Therapy Suite

Your mind is clear, and your body is detoxing. The work your therapist does in each session builds on itself, helping your body maintain its relaxed state and your muscles to remain loose even during times of physical and mental stress.


Herb Garden

Herbs have been an important source of healing long before clinics or hospitals. In order to limit the risk of the herbs we use for cooking and making tinctures being adulterated with any other substances, such as pesticides and insects we grow our own. 

Wellness Suite

Energy medicine is now one of the most widely studied fields of medicine today. In the Wellness Suite we provide our members with the most leading edge technology that is used to treat all aspects of an individual’s health.  


Meditation Garden

Savor deep calm and inner peace in our private secluded meditation garden. The garden is the perfect completion to the pathway which connects the mind, body and spirit. Through the energy of meditation, sound and light therapy we will accomplish synergistic wholeness of peace and happiness.