Since launching her first Star Care facility in 2004 Dr. R has crossed the United States in search of other locations to service members seeking good physical and emotional health. After opening Star Care Hawaii in 2014 it was time to return to the mainlands. Two years later the universe would respond to the question of where, and the Wellness Suites would manifest in the Silver Lake community of Los Angeles.


The call to the universe attracted the most elite of practitioners in the area. Relaxing the body, calming the mind and soothing health treatments were each independent practitioner’s belief. Following the therapeutic and hygienic practices of 5th century practitioners Wellness Suites has added the wonders of 22nd century technology to present to its members a holistic process of becoming healthy again.

The greatest blessings of humankind are within us and within our reach

The greatest blessings of humankind are within us and within our reach


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There’s always another level… Let’s go there together

Our Team


Dr. R

With over 30 years of healing the emotional wellness of the world, Iaso proudly leads this team of experts in bringing to its members the most advanced, non-invasive treatments of the century. She holds a dual PhD., is Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress, Fellow at the Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, Founder of Trauma Services Associates, Bio Energetics Practitioner, Founder and CEO of Wellness Suites dba The Wellness Connector



A Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed Aesthetician. In addition to his treatment skills, operations are a key component of services rendered thus the importance of managing the facility. He is co-owner of Totally Smooth Skin Salon 



A Certified Massage Therapist practitioner’s practitioner.  Not only does he services the membership with balanced massage therapy, he is responsible for the training and retention of massage therapy staff. He is co-owner of Totally Smooth Skin Salon








The Delphic suite is operated under his direction. He is a Naturopath Physician, a Fellow at the Institute of Human Individuality, Certified Natural Health Professional, Reiki Practitioner, Founder of Biostar Organix Healthcare Association, Master Face, Tongue, and Nail Analyst 


Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.



Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.